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Avadhaanam! I wonder if this term would sound familiar to any of my fellow Indians! I wouldn’t be wrong to call it an ancient art. Rather a long lost art of multi tasking. Long ago, in India, there used to be people who could answer to random questions, or riddles or puzzles, in the form of poetry, while also taking note of various things happening around them and correctly answering the questions related to those distractions, such as the sound of a bell, the sequence of the colours that was exhibited, etc… This was a form of entertainment called “Avadhaanam”. And one who was such a performer was called “Avadhaani”. Depending upon the number of things an avadhaani could focus, they were called Ashtaavadhaani (Ashta-8), dasaavadhaani (Dasa-10), or Sahasraavadhaani (Sahasra-100).

In today’s world, what we know as multi tasking is not even close to avadhaanam. In fact, it has been proved that human mind is not capable of performing  various tasks at a given time. Our minds can swiftly change from one task to another, but cannot actually perform more than one job at a time. And no! Walking and talking or browsing on your phone doesn’t count as multi tasking. Why? Because activities like walking or chewing are so deeply ingrained in us that they are automatic, that is they do not need special focus.

So, have we lost our gobsmacking ability to multi task? Just like how the human jaw-size has reduced with evolution, and we have lost or are losing our wisdom teeth? Or have we lost that virtue because of our own mistake of societal conditioning??

An academically sound student is appreciated everywhere. No doubt, it is praiseworthy. But, is a student with decent grades, who is also active in sports and extra curricular activities given the same appreciation, or rather acknowledgement?

Life is an assortment. It demands multifarious knowledge. For example, sports teaches a person strategy, teamwork, sportsmanship and provides a healthy body. Music , dance, theatre, painting, or any other form of art induces creativity, thus providing a healthy mind! Let me remind Albert Einstein’s quote to emphasize the importance of imagination/creativity:

“The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge, but imagination.”

Considering all these, what is your opinion about the adage ‘jack of all trades, master of none’?  Would you like to be a jack of all trades or a master of one??

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On a lazy afternoon, Anantya, lying on her couch checks her social media account. There are happy (and weird pouting) faces rolling on her laptop screen. There are loads of pictures of the so-called “friends” going on a world trip, going for higher studies, getting placed in a great company, getting engaged or married or having babies.

Social media is a platform, where people tend to exhibit only their happiness. It is more or less a personalized electronic fairy tale!

Anantya is one of those youngsters who have been stuck in a job that they dislike. But, she has managed to give up that career and has made a decision to go in pursuit of her passion. Has she discovered ‘her passion’ yet? Well, that’s a tough question! Maybe yes, maybe no. Lucky are those ‘Chosen Ones’ who know what they like, what they wanna do, who have discovered their passion. Unfortunately, Anantya is among the majority of us, who have no clue about themselves. Unless you do what you like, you can never be sure what your passion is. So she starts with finding a job in a field of her interest. That is when she realizes that getting a job isn’t as easy as leaving one!

Let’s see what happens inside the head of Anantya after seeing these electronic fairy tales.

You should be familiar with the three characters inside our minds: The Devil, The Angel and there is You (in this case, Anantya), stuck between them.

The Devil: Did you see them? They are all of YOUR age, maybe even a couple of years younger than you. Look how perfect their life is. And you are just sitting at home and looking at them!

You (A): Yeah, they do have a perfect life.

The Angel: You are not ‘just sitting’. You are just between jobs. And moreover, you have been preparing yourself for the career change and the new job.

The Devil: (smirking) Well, have you got any job offer?

You (A): Um mm… No. Not yet. But, I will be soon doing a job that I like.

The Devil: C’mon, don’t joke! You haven’t got any offers yet. You are just gonna end up doing nothing in your life.

The Angel: That is not true. You will be back to work. Everything has its own time. You just have to wait for some time.

The Devil: (rolling it’s eyes) So, you are just gonna wait?! There are people of your age accomplishing so many things and you are just gonna wait?? What a loser?

You (A): (in a low voice) Maybe you are right. I’m just a loser. I have not been able to achieve anything compared to them.

The Angel: No, don’t listen to what it says. Your lives have been different. Your journeys are different. Don’t lose hope. Please!

And You(A) walk(s) away sad and completely disheartened.

Comparison! Yes, it is the thief of joy.

I’m sure many of us can relate to Anantya. When we compare ourselves to others, we compare our worst times to their best times. And how could that even be fair? Isn’t it?

It has now been weeks, Anantya is sad, but goes about with her routine. The Angel tries to cheer her up, but she is just not ready to listen. Any effort taken by her parents or her best friend, to cheer her up goes in vain. The sense of worthlessness creeps in and she becomes depressed. The quest for her passion takes a major hit. Eventually she loses interest in all that she used to like and just feels miserable.

One fine day, her younger brother, Sohum, talks with her. Though being younger than her, Sohum is a far more matured and rational guy. Perhaps that is what makes him the best problem-solver! He’s also the only person who understands her without judging her. Siblings could be better than the best of friends, because they have been throughout your life, they have seen your good and bad days right from your childhood. After listening to all her whining, he says,

“First of all, you are NOT a loser or a failure. There are so many things that I have learnt from you. This is just a phase. You will get through it. And how could  you even compare your life with others’? They haven’t lived YOUR life. Focus on one thing at a time. You will be fine.”

Perhaps that’s exactly what she wanted to know. That she isn’t a failure and her life till then has not been a total waste. That’s when she let The Angel talk again.

The Angel: Welcome back! It is good to see you.

You (A): Thank you. You were right all along. I’m sorry, I didn’t listen to you.

The Angel: (giving a hug) Don’t ever do the blunder of comparing yourself again with anyone. You have so many precious gifts in your life. Be thankful for them.

You(A): (with excitement) Yes, that’s true! I do have parents who will always support me, a caring brother, my best friend who will be there for me. I have good health, shelter, food and all the facilities that many people only wish for. And I have managed to overcome despair, which means I’m now strong enough to handle this hurdle in my life!

The Angel nods and smiles.

If comparison is the thief, gratitude is the police who rescues joy. Comparison makes you see the first chapter of your life and the 20th chapter of someone else’s life. So, the greatest favour for one’s own self would be to not compare and be grateful.

Happy living!

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The Force Awakens! May love be with you!

A Sci – fi movie? On Valentine’s day? Seriously? Yes. It surely is not a romantic movie, but it won’t disappoint you in proving the strength of love. Well, I’m talking about the movie “Interstellar“. Have you seen it? If not, this weekend would be apt to watch it. I would need a different terminology to define the genre of this film, because it is the perfect fusion of science and spirituality. ( Perhaps a Sci-Spi movie! 😛 ) Most people might not agree that the two can even be portrayed together. This movie proves that they can go hand in hand! Complementing each other.

Love – A force. Just like the magnetic or the gravitational force, but only way stronger than them! We can accomplish a lot more just by understanding this. They say that there are 7 types of love.


No matter how it is categorized, I believe that every form of love has reach beyond our imagination.(Beware!!) The movie depicts love as a force that can surpass time and space. If that is true, (and I believe it is), isn’t it exciting to know that we have been endowed with a power as strong as LOVE?? It is like possessing the “Heart Ring” (from ‘The Captain Planet’ cartoon 😉 😛 )

In my opinion, Valentine’s day should be a day to celebrate all forms of love that makes one happy! Not just one form of it.

Remember the time,

  • When you were having a bad day and suddenly your parent(s) called to check on you?
  • When you tried to explain how you felt and no one understood, except your sibling, who understood even without you having to explaining at all?
  • You were humming a song in your head and your spouse sings the same song, out loud?
  • You haven’t met the your childhood friend for years, but you still get along just like the good old days?
  • When your child was missing you from a far off place and you felt it?!

Call it telepathy, understanding or rapport, it would all signify “love”. And the best thing about love is that, all the beings in the universe posses it. You don’t have to see the person, you don’t have to be around them, you wont even need a language to convey.

Because love is the universal language. 

“Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Humanity cannot survive without them.”                                                                                                                            – Dalai Lama

So, whether you are single or taken celebrate love not just this Valentine’s Day, but everyday!

Happy Living! 🙂




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Mirror,mirror on the wall! Who is the strongest of us all??

One afternoon, I was reading a post about feminism. So, there were the usual reasons as to why women are equal and all. The article was good,but what was more interesting to me was the ‘comments section’! Why? Because that is where you get to know what people think about the topic or your write up. And I came across comments like the following:

  • “Why you women are creating a fuss about this? Men are also having issues, but we don’t create an issue out of it!”
  • “I totally agree that there should be gender equality, but I’m against feminism!”
  • “If you (i.e.women) want something, ask properly.”

First of all, I would like to define feminism.

FEMINISM is the belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities, i.e. political, economic, and social equality of sexes.So, gender equality and feminism are one and the same.

Making that clear, I would like to leave this topic for a while. Just imagine 3 things for now: An insect, A human, An elephant.


Did you know that Dung beetle is the strongest insect? It can pull 1,141 times its own body weight!!

A leaf cutter ant can lift and carry 50 times its own body weight, just using it’s jaws?!! (

That means a human of about 50 kg should be able to lift 2500 kg!!! Forget about competing with the dung beetle, man cannot win with an ant!

But a human can kill an ant with his bare hands, or even with just his finger tip!


Compared to the strongest mammal on land, human’s strength is equal to nothing. An African elephant can lift 9000 kg, which is equal to 130 humans.

So, an elephant can kill a human, just like how a human can kill an ant! Now, who is stronger and who is superior??

This is the debate going on around the world these days. This is the root cause of all forms of inequality in the world. Every creature in this planet is different, but equal. And this holds true even between the genders.

Men and women are different, but equal. Their roles may not be the same, but they are equally essential.

Now, answering the first question as to why women are creating an issue when men are also suffering. The answer is in the third quoted comment. Because there are still men who think that women should “ask” for their right to live peacefully.

My question here is: Don’t you think that women having to ‘ask’ for their right to live, only denotes that they have not been “living” at all? Or that their condition has gone so low that they have to request their fellow human beings to let them live peacefully?

Men too are having their problems. Agreed! Feminism is the first step towards abolishing sexism. By not taking the very first step, we will not be able to reach the destination. We must acknowledge and respect each other’s role and co – exist to make this world a better place to live.

We, humans, are the result of 6 million years of evolution. It is high time we act like one!

Happy living!



Live. Learn. Evolve.

Vanakkam! Namaste! And Hello Everybody!

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year!  May the sunrise of the very first day of this year, bring an eternal ray of hope, joy and peace in your lives. With this post, I bring you the bucket-list for the New Year 2016.

  • Foremost of all, TAKE CARE.  Because health is your only wealth. So, if your resolution for the year is to hit the gym, or practice Yoga, or join a Zumba class, start it right away. You will thank yourself in a matter of 3 months.


  • LAUGH a lot. Life without happiness is not living. It is merely surviving.


  • Create cherishable MEMORIES for yourself and for your loved ones.



Believe in yourself

  • TRAVEL. It makes you see the world with an open mind by broadening your perspective.


  • LEARN. From your experiences and also from that of the others.


  • EVOLVE. Accept changes. It will always result in a better form of yourself.


  • LIVE AND LET LIVE. It is the need of the hour.

live n let live

From this day, let us LIVE, LEARN and EVOLVE.

Happy Living!